Monday, May 28, 2012

Bugsy's Day Out

The moment Bugsy catches sight of his tiger print dog bag  and black leash, he knows  he's in for a ride.  He runs wild, jumps into the bag, scratches the pad,  and refuses to let go.  The last time Bugsy went on a quick trip was when he freely ran along the shore of Acuaverde.  I adore having him around on trips, but I fear two things, pee and poo. 

At home, he has grown well accustomed to his usual toilet padded spot.  Or while on his daily walks, his favorite nature's call spots are street humps.  Cars wait a minute or more in order to pass through.  In most cases, MORE. Bugsy takes his usual dilly dally time.  There's no such thing as pressure with Bugsy.  I handle the cringing. Thank God for kind-hearted and understanding car drivers who happen to be my neighbors as well.  But in an unknown territory, the story changes. 

Bugsy tagged along while on another quick business-pleasure trip to Tagaytay last week.  He usually rides in front with me, but when too much squirming and moving happens, he is automatically banished and locked-up within the rear seat.  Yet, he makes his way to the front even with heavily blocked passageways.

While I discussed possible new tie-ups with a nun in Pink Sisters, J. Bond and Bugsy strolled along the grounds.  As expected, Bugsy gave in to nature's call thrice.

Another exploratory meeting I had in Alfonso Cavite in relation to my dream of living in the countryside someday. This is Leonard and his one month old puppy Nana.  Bugsy's new found friends.  Again, he left a few wet marks here.

Fortunately, it rained hard while I dropped off Mother's Heart necklaces at the country store of Sonya's Garden. No doggie souvenirs were left behind. Bugsy was left to wait in the car with J. Bond. I took time to take a photo of my dog danggling earrings while in Sonya's Garden. I came out with this collection in 2007 and pieces were mostly sold to both young and old dog lovers. This is my last pair, and I'm thinking of bringing this collection back to life.

 Drooling over coconuts!

Homeward bound.  Bugsy reminds me of Kung Fu Panda here.  Obviously, he left a few slimey licks on my camera lens.

See!!! Kung Fu Panda and Bugsy are look alikes. Photo courtesy.

Happy week everyone!  'Til the next day out!

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