Wednesday, May 9, 2012

J. Bond's Challenge (and mine too)

O!M!G! J. Bond woke me up at 5am last Saturday only to have his photo taken. 

He was off to conquer the summit in this year's Globe Cordillera Challenge, and represented number 215.  

The day began at 4am with room service breakfast -- a case of disrupting Casa Vallejo's kitchen operations since they normally begin their day at 6am.  But thank you Casa Vallejo for making special arrangements.  He reached the highest summit at 12:30pm, then returned back to the hotel close to 3pm feeling more energetic and ecstatic.  He committed to participate again next year.

While J. Bond conquered the summit, I conquered my own short summit called Session Road. 

I had fun strolling along except for the going up part.  I did these four times (end to end), but with numerous shopping, coffee or photo shoot breaks.  Unlike J. Bond, I culminated my challenge out of breath and with swollen leg muscles.  Obviously, there's a major lack of exercise here.

Thank God, I only knew of very limited details (just date and time) of J. Bond's challenge.  Otherwise, I would have freaked out and denied him of his participation.  Details were only shared after (J. Bond's way of sharing bike stories these days) -- a total of 27 kilometers of biking uphill towards the highest peak of the Cordilleras, and with 3 stations to complete (a part of which where all had to carry his/her bike).  A co-biker only reached station 1, station 2 was the steepest and J. Bond completed all 3 stations!

Watch this Part 1 video that shows where J. Bond and his co-courageous bikers were off to.  Can't wait for Part 2 to be posted.

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