Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random stuff this month

It seems May is zooming quite fast. While my list of TO DO things  rapidly grow LONGER, I feel happy and grateful with the little things that have come my way despite  few bouts of tears  due to Luke's early departure. Life is moving on, but I still think of my dear friend a lot.

That's Luke on the left on his first visit to the Pharmacy. We were all amused by a crazy friend who danced her signature sexy dance while this photo was taken.  I got cut on the right, but I remember having laughed so hard.  Our customers and staff had laughed hard as well.  We all had a free funny show.

Anyway, Mother's Day was spent at the Legazpi Sunday Market. It was Mama's first (J. Bond's Mom), and I'm sure my own Mom wished she was here too.  Too much to see and BUY.

J. Bond is hooked on rice from the Mountains of Cordillera these days.   He made the discovery while on his recent courageous bike plight in Baguio.

Another vendor selling Cordillera rice.  J. Bond is truly serious about this.  Only if I can push myself to share the same sentiment with him.

Still on Mother's Day. Bugsy must come on our next shopping visit, but  crossing all fingers and toes that no scoopin' happens.

Though I have declared that both my hands have retired from making long arrangements, I recently faced a request for a long St. Benedict necklace with red beads as accent.  Fear of possibly ending the work with painful hands haunted me while in the process of making the necklace.  Surprisingly, I experienced no pain. And best of all, I had made the same exact arrangement for myself too.  I had mistakenly identified the medal as Padre Pio by the way.  But with weeks of query and research, it has been identified that the image is that of St. Benedict. You may read more of his story and the medal's meaning here.

I wore my piece over Sunday lunch at Breakfast at Antonio's in Tagaytay.  I find myself in Tagaytay more frequent these days.  I'm off again by the end of this week.

Guyabano fruit sold by a lone fruit stand right by the gate of Ilog Maria.  Guyabano has perked up my days from the horrible nightmare called summer heat.  I blend the fruit with ice,  milk, and 2 sachets of stevia sweetener.  Creamy and refreshing! Stevia, by the way, was introduced to me by J. Bond.  In fact, we had brought home a potted Stevia plant a few weeks back. I think it shall soon go, but  J. Bond remains positive on its survival.

 The banana trees behind the fruit stand were a sight to see.  Bananas are a mainstay in my fruit bowl.

Green tea flavored Mochi ice-cream from Mochiko Tagaytay is another craze of J. Bond.  He normally eats the ball in two to three bites.  This photo was taken after my clumsy mistake of having dropped the ball in a can of coins. I was told to stop playing  with ice-cream, yet he ate it all.

Like what I have shared in  a recent post, I dream of permanently relocating to the countryside one day.  I have reached  a stage where I see my days in the city as a total misfit. So the adventure and exploration of the countryside have begun.

Dreaming..... This place overlooks the mountains of Batulao.  Lovely and inspiring.

May is the birth month of  Mama (J. Bond's Mom) and Michelle (J. Bond's cousin).  We celebrated their birthdays over green landscape and good food served at Breakfast at Antonio's.

Except for J. Bond and I, this visit was a first for the rest of the entourage.  Everyone felt amazed by the place despite its hidden location and was delighted by the food served.  In fact, J. Bond and I had originally intended of holding our wedding reception here six years ago.  But a maximum of fifty guests can only fit at that time. 

J. Bond's parents.  No such thing as age on feeling young and giddy. All in the mind as they say.

A few days are left before we move on to June.  But there are still much to do and look forward to.  How about you?  What have you been up to?

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