Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A necklace for Moms on Mother's Day

Times Square, New York, Nov '09.  This photo was taken while we waited for Mom get off from work. Times Square was our designated meeting place. I think of this photo as extra special since it was at this moment when By Beaded Story's Mother's Heart necklace came to mind.

Early 2010, I came out with my very first Mother's Heart necklace as a form of tribute to my Mom on Mother's Day.  With a mix of glass, ceramic and wood beads, the arrangement highlights lovely medals of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Earlier arrangements were long in length, and may be worn long or in double loop. 

The first pieces were sold in a bazaar.  I sold only three, out of ten, and those who purchased were devotees of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Surprisingly, the weak outcome was no bother at all.  I continued making more even with no sales.

Tita Cyn's Lourdes pilgrimage in 2011.  Around her neck is a Mother's Heart necklace (less the green ribbon which served as I.D. holder).

Tita Cyn wore the Mother's Heart arrangement of the Our Lady of Guadalupe all throughout her pilgrimage.  She returned home with lots of stories regarding great praises for the necklace she wore.  I was fluttered.

Then, my journey with my Mother's Heart collection took a great turn by end-2011.  All my pieces were sold in bazaars and in Sonya's Garden.  I thought a miracle happened :)

This year, I enhanced the arrangement a bit.  It is now composed of eight-layered beaded strands, with charms and crystal beads as new features.  The arrangement highlights one big medal and two same sized medals.

Length is shorter compared to previous years due to painful hands and shoulders.  Sorry about that.  But I can customize the length only if requested.

One thing sure, this journey had evolved into something grander than originally planned. I devote and commit to making more for as long as my hands can.

Visit FACEBOOK to view the collection in detail.  For queries or orders, you may send your email to bybeadedstory@gmail.com.

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