Monday, April 30, 2012


This heat is one big nightmare.  No kidding!  With a daily dose of 36 degrees C to 37 degrees C, I am burning. Despite that, I went on with yesterday's Garage Sale.  The first I ever did around this time of the year.  I did previous years either in January or June.

This photo was taken around 8am.  It felt that the heat was at its peak.  All looked dry and wilted.

Patrons continued to swarm and shop.  They seemed pleased with the goodies and  ignored the heat.

I just had one line from start to finish, "what time is it?".  The heat worsened by the minute which left me with zero drive to take more photos. Forty-five minutes before end time, I called it off.  But I'm doing a round two in  a couple of weeks.  I'm thinking of tweaking the time a bit - either sunrise or sunset would more likely work. 

Can't wait for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Off to Baguio to cool down a bit.

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