Monday, April 9, 2012

On Easter Day

J. Bond believes no one adores Tagaytay like I do.  I doubt.  I'm pretty sure someone  shares the same intense adoration I feel over the place.  But like what I said, Tagaytay is my second home.  So on Easter day (three weeks since this last visit) came another quick trip.

The Pink Sisters Chapel.

Endless visitors prayed and toured the grounds that day.

Lovely and inspiring colors found along the silent grounds of the convent.

I chose to wear By Beaded Story's Mother's Heart necklace (Our Lady of Miraculous Medal) on this day.

A timely message for Easter.

My niece and her canister of cookies made from communion host. 

 Mama (J. Bond's mom) went shopping for fresh produce.  Lettuce.

Ginger.  Squash.

 J. Bond carried our shopping bags =) 

The view from where we had lunch.

Pineapples are in season. 

Where we had lunch, Army Navy.  After a month of abstinence, J. Bond finally gave in to his crave for burritos and fries.

 My newly discovered source for coffee grounds and beans, Brewed for You.

I am a certified coffee addict, so I am ecstatic for having discovered this store.  No need to drive all the way to Baguio any longer, nor ask friends or relatives to buy and send kilos of coffee grounds to Manila every so often.

I thought of buying these coffee cups too.  I did not.

 But I bought a lot of these bags.

 While I shopped for coffee, these three toured around.

I'll be back.  For sure.

Happy Easter!  Share your Easter stories too!

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