Monday, April 23, 2012

April Birthday Celebrants

April brings along three birthday celebrants. 

My sister Anna,  referred to as Sister 3 in previous blogs.

My brother Dennis, otherwise known as One and Only Brother. 
I chose this photo to let Dennis know that once in my life I planted a kiss on his cheek.   
It seems like yesterday when I spoke of Dennis and Anna's birthdays in this blog.  Now, they are officially part of the mid-life gang.

And, my niece's 7th birthday. 
She was just 5 when I talked about the  thrill we shared for rings in this blog.  Two years after, she celebrates 7 with color and summer style.

Little Hoola Girl

Flower Power

Highlighter colors

I see future Fashion Models.

Make-up corner.  See me?

Nail polish lounge

I loved this little girl.  I stalked and took too much photos of her.

Me and my niece

Cheers to mid-life one and only brother and sister 3! And Happy 7, Nicole!

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