Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thank You

I am in Baguio.  And before I get going with my activities lined-up for the day, I'd like to take time to give thanks.

Thank you for the cool relaxing weather.  I froze last night but I did not mind.  This rarely happens anyway.

The reason why I am in Baguio, J. Bond's participation in Globe's Cordillera Challenge.  This photo was taken at 5:30 this morning.  Thank you for keeping J. Bond safe (and in one piece) despite accidents and bruises from his previous courageous acts  of conquering rocky and thorny mountain trails.

Christmas 2011, our annual get-together.  I am grieving and I am still in denial.  I thought it would come easier than expected.  But I was wrong. This morning came the realization and tears.  Thank you dear LUKE  for the left and right shoulders I have once cried on (which you have never ceased to tease me about), for being an obedient driver on days I needed a ride, for spending time with me and the rest of the gang in the south whereas you live in the north, for the plenty treats and the money loaned when Market Market was launched (which took years for Patti and I to repay.  Lol!  I know this drove you crazy.), for being my beck and call Kuya (older brother), and for the many many years of true friendship.  I will miss you!  Rest well... Lukey (in yellow).

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