Friday, June 1, 2012

Two New Necklaces

I've had two medals for some time now.  However, it took a month and a year to finally get me working on these medals.  There are days when I still experience a lack of drive and inspiration.  So I go slow.  But, I'm finally done.

Our Lady of Perpetual (vintage).  This medal was discovered from a local mall store a month ago.   They had 10 pieces left.  I bought all.  Unlike my previous "Mother's Heart" necklaces, I went  for simplicity on this specific arrangement by having used less bulky ceramic beads and  an interplay of  3 safe hues:  predominantly brown,  accentuated by gold, and softened by black.  My aim was to intensify the beauty of the medal. 

A close-up photo of the medal.  Given the limited availability,  only 3 necklaces of this arrangement are available.

I call this arrangement my 3-headed bronze horse.  I am obviously into color gold these days.  I admire how such color can exude a simple wardrobe into something elegant and classy.  These medals were purchased last year from the same (senior citizen) craftsman who has long been making  my tambourine necklaces.  He resides within the Mountains of the Cordilleras and holds the top spot of my to do list each time I visit Baguio.

Another photo of my horses resting on a lovely plate.  Only one 3-headed bronze horse necklace is available by the way.

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