Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Father's Day thoughts and other stuff

I thought of dad.  He had passed away  over two decades ago. But he would haunt my thoughts on naughty, guilty and S.O.S. days. 

Then, I thought of Dad2.  He is based in New Jersey, and so my thoughts wandered around a few funny photos taken a few years back.  On the 1st attempt, Dad2 had tolerated my addiction for a photo in a fancy hat. 

On our next attempt, I went solo.  I love "hat" photos.

As I write this post, I remembered Den, my brother, and daddy dearest of my niece and nephew.  He had slipped my mind, but I'm sure his thoughts over Manny Pacquiao's recent fight ain't over yet.  Mom had described him..."in mourning".  Oh my, the effect of Manny's loss.  But like what I've said, a refreshing break from the winning streak.  Looking forward to new excitements.  Lol!!!
Photo c/o Den

Thank God, J. Bond's parents are back from Australia.  We pre-celebrated Father's Day with Mochi ice-cream balls, a little bit of shopping, and sightseeing.

A new collection of Mother's Heart necklaces are coming soon. I am excited to show you my new and awesome medals.  Hopefully soon. But here is the first, Silver Mother and Child.

By Beaded Story's 3-flower glass pendant necklace is the first for this year's Flora collection. I  did some sort of  test run by  displaying two same arrangements over at Sonya's Garden a month ago.  Early on, I was  both hopeful and apprehensive on how ladies would react to such arrangement since the standard and usual norm remains to be a basic one pendant arrangement.  Yet, I went on with the idea of having some semblance of a "flower garden" worn around the neck in a sleek and stylish  way.  I guess it had worked since both arrangements were recently sold.  This arrangement will be available online soon but in limited quantities.

Speaking of Flora, my Aunt Flora enjoyed her intimate birthday celebration at Tito Chef yesterday.   Aunt Flora, who I have briefly talked about in previous posts, is my huge source of inspiration.  She has been my creative mentor and continually pushes me to work hard on my craft with heart and passion. 

A new game I play with Bugsy, picture-picture.  Obviously, I care for the photo while Bugsy would rather pull on my hair as if it were his tug toy. Our photos came out this way due to laughter, tugging and squirming.

That's about it for now.  Hope June brings you lots of happy thoughts and meaningful stuff as well.  I'm set for my Travel for Beads project in November by the way.  My ticket and hotel voucher arrived two days ago, to think departure date is yet four months away.  Really way too intense and excited!!!

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