Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend pleasures in the city

Since 2008, I rarely schedule trips to the city unless for  good reasons--like when Mom's in town, bulk bead deliveries, or special gatherings.  These days, I spend my usual grind within my semi-provincial abode, while on weekends, I go farther south.  In some way, exhaustion from city living would best describe my crazy state four years ago.    It made great sense then to take the plunge on bidding adios to things I thought of as major contributors to stress -- horrible traffic, the challenge to wake before sunrise, late nights in the office,  pollution, congestion, steep parking fees, the corporate brouhaha, commercialism, competition, brand consciousness, the ringing phones, fax messages, the word URGENT, and the battle to plan my week's wardrobe.  I   closed my doors and swore to never look back.

Makati, last Saturday
I lived within this part of Makati City prior to marriage, while my place of work was  a block away. I had lived such life for twelve years.  Little had  I known that I would  in a way still look forward to spending  time in the city four years after.  My timing preference though is on a weekend when offices are shut off and busy streets are free from traffic.  A good relaxing stroll and zero parking fees exist on these days.

At the Legazpi Park, where strangers and dogs converge in the afternoons. When I was a child, I was taught not to talk to strangers.  But with Bugsy, I ignore such rule.  I have interacted with strangers so many times.  We know each other not by our names, but rather by the name of our respective dogs.   Hilarious but true.  Obviously, dogs rule!

Thank God for the invention of dog bags.   I have posted a message in Facebook a few days ago concerning the  lack of indoor pet-friendly places in the Philippines, especially in the city.  It remains a fact that a major chunk of commercial establishments and residential buildings strictly prohibit pets.  I totally understand the rationale behind such rule.  But with my bag, I have mastered the skill of sneaking.

A hot morning at the Legazpi Park Sunday market.  I wore and did a test run of my soon to come Tala necklace here.  It still needs a bit of tweaking, but I have already fallen in love with it.  I'll let you know as soon as this necklace becomes available online and at the Country Store of Sonya's Garden.

These ladies in pretty printed aprons at the Legazpi Park Sunday Market were a happy sight.  They had served their patrons Indonesian meals with zest and vigor. By the time we had arrived (10 minutes past twelve), their dishes were close to finish.  Their booth's name is Warung-Warung Indonesian Food.

The first time I have eaten and tasted Indonesian food.  I'm no food expert and I'm poor in remembering names of dishes, but this chicken dish worked for my taste. J. Bond would  know the name of this dish. He had lived his childhood years in Indonesia. Unfortunately, he ain't within my reach to shed light on this name game.  On my next market visit, I'll surely have my second serving.

Gado-Gado, salad topped with peanut dressing. 

I thought of the lizard as one of a kind.  I brought one home.

A display of ceramic animals by a tree trunk.

Sightseeing, the reason why I take trips to the city these days.  The rest are more like side trips.   Soon, I will share more.

Manna from Heaven Bread Shop, a bread shop located within the compound of Don Bosco.  Have you ever found yourself drawn towards a shop where people continually come and go? I was too curious to let this pass.  I wanted to know what the clamor was all about.  I lined up too.

Malunggay pandesal (bun) from Manna from Heaven Bread Shop.  I went for a tuna bun, but I'll try this on my next purchase. 

Come to  think of it, I may have only needed a four year city hiatus to regain and refresh my views on city living.  I have been very vocal of my dream of permanently residing in a countryside one day, and surely this remains to be the ultimate goal. I long for it, and I absolutely don't see myself anywhere else. 

In the meantime, I  slowly inch my way back to what I thought I had left behind four years ago.  It  feels good and enjoyable in some way.  But this time, I make sure minus the stress...and again, only on weekends.

Cheers to a good week ahead of us! 

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