Friday, August 17, 2012

Quiapo and T-shirt necklaces

August is when life seems to slow down, probably a result of the ongoing strong rains and widespread floods.  So on rare  August days when the sun is up, I immediately grab and run to my favorite bead street in Quiapo. I've been running low on cords and tiny accent beads.

Even with trashy flood remnants scattered around Quiapo, I enjoyed my trip and had bought a lot of pretty finds that were not part of my original list. Nothing new. I am usually this way. I buy whatever catches my eye, and thus, end up overspending.  Ugh!
Raw and undone Floral Ceramic Beads and Mother and Child Medals. 

I had intended to hold another garage sale this month.  However, bad weather can absolutely put life on hold.  Ergo, I cancelled and opted to handover my sale stuff to flood victims instead.  Unfortunately, old shirts were scrapped from the list since these have been previously cut and converted into something like these :)
Courtesy of
Courtesy of

I am addicted to making and wearing T-shirt necklaces these days.  A really cool and creative way of recycling t-shirts which I had thought of as junk.  One of these days, I will share photos of my necklaces with you.  But in the meantime, here's an easy  tutorial video which had gotten me inspired and hyped up. No use of glue nor stitching involved :)


  1. You're so crafty! Quiapo is one of my favorite destinations for gathering DIY materials as well. :)

    1. I love Quiapo. Lots of great finds! Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Wonderful idea to turn your old t-shirts into something new and stylish, thanks for sharing such a nice tutorial, it will really help a lot of people who wants to try something like this.


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