Friday, April 12, 2013


By Beaded Story has in some way led me to explore various places, discover interesting stuff and come across little surprises.  For example, a soap shopping spree visit to Ilog Maria in Silang, Cavite a few months back took a surprising turn when I noticed Casetta del Divino Zelo situated a few meters away. You may read and see more photos of Casetta del Divino Zelo HERE.

Quaint and surrounded by lush greens,  Casetta del Divino Zelo is ran and operated by the Daughters of Divine Zeal.  Though unplanned, I toured their grounds, had lunch, enjoyed the peacefulness of the place and came across  Rogate's banner.  In a matter of minutes, I found myself in Rogate and had purchased the medal of St. Joseph.

Travelling, either locally or in a foreign land, surely comes with lots of happy surprises.  Two days ago, J. Bond and a handful of family members tagged along Liliw and Paete, both in Laguna, as I went on another quest for By Beaded Story.  This time, I had four reasons:  1)  I needed another Neck and Body form for displaying my bead pieces, 2) To bring home a couple of Takas, 3) To see nature's color and how they contradict yet blend with each other, and 4) Inspiration, for it is when I feel inspired that By Beaded Story continues to exist :)

First stop, Liliw, Laguna for tsinelas (slippers) and shoes. I won't get into details on the next photos. Like what I said, I went on this trip for inspiration (and of course, shopping!).

A couple of kilometers away from Liliw, ahead of us were twelve kids happily on-board a tricycle.

Liliw's famous Gat Tayaw Street.  Lined-up along this street are countless shoe shops.

 As expected, I was drawn to beaded slippers.

 Floral patterns.

Cute colorful mice flats. 

 Badong is my source for beaded alfombra slippers.

A fully beaded alfombra slipper.
Huge slippers on display along Gat Tayaw Street.

St. John the Baptist Church, otherwise known as Liliw Church.
 Beautiful facade.

In love with the tile color and pattern.
The Altar.
Striking colors of the stained glass window.
Candle Boy.

Lovely candle colors.
Next stop:  Paete.  To be continued... 

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