Wednesday, October 10, 2012

By Beaded Story's Limited Collection

Lately, I find myself  taking a quick break from the usual bead route by coming out with arrangements that fall under my latest concoction called the Limited Collection.  There are days when I know a bit of excitement is  needed.  Otherwise, boredom or even that dreadful blackout expectedly sets in just like what had happened in 2009. 
But why limited?   I value uniqueness which actually has been my longtime thrust since I started this bead journey in 2006.  Thus, I make pieces of a similar design in a rather  limited quantity (read:  6 at a minimum and 10 at a maximum). Though similar when looked from afar, each and every piece is different (usually in the form of beads used).
Pieces belonging to the limited collection are more special.  First, each design carries only one available piece, and thus, this will not be made ever again.  And second, I use beads, charms or medals that are not seen in any of my regular arrangements.   So far, I have made a handful of limited pieces that fall under the Mother's Heart collection.  But pretty soon, a limited Bead Cloth dotted necklace for Mother and Daughter  shall be up for grabs.
Click on the play button below to see By Beaded Story's first four Limited pieces.  All have been sold.
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Yesterday, I had posted in Facebook the 5th limited Mother's Heart necklace of the Our Lady of Perpetual. This morning, the piece has been reserved. But here are a few photos which I'd love to share with you.
I love the use of pretty and special medals, porcelain floral beads and Indian-inspired troll beads that can truly make a piece so charming.
For the first time, I have used a special rose charm that I recently discovered.
Inside the rose is the image of St. Benedict.
Should you wish to see more of the coming soon limited pieces, feel free to visit By Beaded Story's facebook page.

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