Monday, November 7, 2011


I feel J. Bond's exhaustion from my neverending nightmare called aging.  He says..."Age is only but a number! Why not dwell on your blessings instead of age!".  Fine! So, I stare and stay on mute mode for a couple of minutes. Then in a flash, I  go at it once again. On his end, long silence. Oh men!

It truly pays off to have girl friends who simply know how to perk things up. Patti and I met up two nights ago for a burrito/steak sandwich/french fries/onion rings dinner.  After much talk and before we said our goodbyes, she handed over in advance a floral pack of L'Occitane bath products and this birthday card.  

The card says it all.  It had shoo-ed away the no sense issue of aging from my thoughts, my heart, practically my whole being. So before my birthday arrives (a week from today), I will follow J. Bond's words..."dwell on your blessings!".  I will list and share with you a few of my BESTS as we go along each day, then culiminate on my DAY.

Here you go...*In no particular order by the way.

FIRST, Buggy (with real name Bugsy) and his new habit of LICKING (my face and feet). 

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