Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Best 3: STRESS!!!

I'm serious and rather proud to claim that STRESS is a "best"!  But before I expound  further, here's a recap of my first two bests:  1)  BUGSY (and his licks), 2) BUTTER.  

Back to Best 3: STRESS...

In a nutshell, it was STRESS from my not so long-ago corporate life that I had found myself immersed in the world of beading.  A stress-reliever that had given birth to six collections namely, Beaded Cloth, Tala, Flora, Chalk, Laso and Butones. Now that I have moved towards a more relaxed day-to-day life, I continue to bead as much as I can.

But yesterday, I capped my day highly stressed.  Pharmacy-related which pertained to  a concern that has happened in the past, most especially during days with unforeseen leaves and unscheduled meetings.  No need to dwell further, but I was robbed of my good night's sleep.  So in the morning, J. Bond awoke to this sight...
Me (still in my night shirt) and a walis tingting (coconut broomstick) adorned with red, gold and green beads. While at the height of last night's stress, I fought hard to think Christmas.  My way of lightening the red hot mood (read: 10 minutes of sermon at 10:30PM).  So, I beaded...J. Bond woke up shocked...and now that I have cooled off , I am shocked as well.

It is still a work in progress, but I am loving every part of it. 

Will surely share with you the finished Walis Tingting Christmas decor soon :)  J. Bond says to keep this decor all year round, but change the beads according to season.  Why not?!

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