Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BEST 2: BUTTER (in heaven)

Prior to yesterday's blog, I dwelt on age.  But after having received a jolt from J. Bond and a card from Patti, I continue on with my "BESTS" list.

While at mass last Sunday, Father Lambert spoke of death.  He had kicked off his homily with the question, "How ready are you to die?".  A question no one dared answer, and had left everyone in deep thought.  I felt fear. Though Father Lambert had successfully transformed the gloom into a joyful and promising outlook, this question I just had to ask J. Bond in a hush ...

"Do you think there's BUTTER in heaven?"

My daily fix is butter.  Really!  A fixation that goes far back to my childhood days. Obviously, it lives to this day.

So here you go, my 2nd BEST, BUTTER!

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