Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shopping early for unique finds

I felt Christmas while I walked along a short block yesterday morning.  Come to think of it, Christmas is literally just around the corner.  The decors are out and the festive jingles have begun.  I love how the early morning cool breeze of January-February have arrived earlier than usual. Reminds me of the cool, clean and crisp climate back then.  

Then in the afternoon, I capped my Christmas shopping HERE.  An aunt who goes crazy over great bargains like I do introduced me to this treasure trove. Amazing finds!

Like this open-mouthed fish.

I'm thinking of stuffing its mouth with hand towels or paper napkins. My aunt  will arrange and decorate her fish's mouth with dried flowers instead.

A day ago, I raised a friendly reminder to my friend to shop for Christmas gifts early.  Her habit is to shop a day before Christmas, then caps it off with a zoinked out mood.  Once, I found her seated in a daze right smack at the middle of the mall with shopping bags scattered all around the floor.  Obviously dead tired from the rush and long lines, yet still in major panic since her shopping was far from over.  I'm her opposite.  I  love the hunt for unique finds without the rush.  So, I begin way ahead of everyone else and take my sweet time.

If there's in any way you can relate to my friend's way of shopping yet on the hunt for something unique like me, By Beaded Story's Mother's Heart necklaces are back.  A unique yet heartwarming gift for the lovely women in your life.  You may order online by sending an email to or posting via private message in facebook.

To view all collections, click HERE.

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